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  • What is a gambit?
    gambitnoun A strategical move in which something is risked or sacrificed to gain greater future benefit.
  • Do you accept returns?
    Begrudgingly. See Shipping and Returns for more details.
  • What should I do if I have a structured settlement and I need cash now?
    Call J.G. Wentworth! 877-CASH-NOW!!
  • You are a data scientist hired by a large laboratory to analyze their complex data. This lab receives specimens (e.g., blood, urine, etc.) from individuals and screens them for two common diseases. However, to be cost effective the lab pools the specimens together and tests the pooled specimens for disease instead of individually testing each specimen. You do not know how the specimens are going to be pooled, how many pools there will be, or how many stages of testing will be used. To make matters worse, the lab tells you that the test is not perfect and there may be false positive and false negative tests, but you will not know which ones these will be or how many there will be. You are tasked with devising a flexible model which can be used to estimate both disease probability and procedure accuracy. What should you do?"
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