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Gambit of Kings is a game of chess-like strategy and skill with a medieval fantasy spin... But what makes it different?


The inspiration for the game is indeed deeply rooted in chess. From an early age I fell in love with the beauty of chess, but at least for me, there was still something missing. The limited number of different pieces, the static board setup every game, and even the pieces themselves left me wanting something more.


From the ground up, the game is designed to capture the strategy of chess, while enhancing the variety and enjoyment of gameplay. Like chess, Gambit of Kings is a capture-style game, but the objective is to overtake your opponent's castle. The gameboard beautifully depicts the fantasy world where your epic battle takes place and is larger to allow for both more pieces and a greater variety of pieces. In chess, whether you play white or black doesn't affect the experience of the game. In Gambit of Kings, you have a light side and a dark side. When you play as the King you command units such as soldiers and griffins, but when you play as the Exiled King you get to command skeletons, dragons, and other foul creatures. 

But by far, the biggest differentiator is the customization and variety that the game allows. You can always choose to play with the standard gameboard setup, but the thing is, you don't have to, and that's the magic! You can customize your side of the board with pieces from expansion packs which have their own unique movement patterns and abilities. In addition, some expansion packs change the way the game is played altogether, adding dice, cards, terrain, and other unique elements to the game. 

Well, hopefully that gives you a little insight into the game and a glimpse at what is to come for Gambit of Kings.


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